Fashion Photography by Kristi Klemens

Fashion Photography by Kristi Klemens

One of my goals this year is to get back into fashion photography, my first love (sorry Paul, haha)! Besides weddings, this is one thing I love to do and am passionate about. So, I ventured out and took a class to get up to speed in this incredible market. I am totally motivated and excited to challenge my photography within this avenue!

Thanks to  Marc Sacro  & Catherine Asanov  for holding this wonderful workshop.

Also, thanks to the beautiful models and the amazing team for making these photos possible!

Makeup Artist : Michelle Christman
Hair Stylist: Tsunami (Nate Siam)
Wardrobe Stylist : Misty Casseus

Sponsored by BRONCOLOR

There are 2 comments
  1. the sparkly ones are inspired! Truly awesome!

  2. ^ I love the sparkly ones, as well… <3

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