KLK Photography | Southern California Wedding Photographer

KLK Photography | Southern California Wedding Photographer

This couple had one special request that brought me outside of my comfort zone – to shoot film.

But this challenge gave me a gift I will forever be thankful for.

I stopped shooting film when I moved to California and the digital age began almost 10 years ago…

I love digital – instant gratification, don’t we all?

Though I love digital and still get butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes often while photographing couples,

 there was just something different when I picked up my film camera.

With the first frame, I could feel it, a small spark had lit back up inside me…

it almost brings tears to my eyes, because it was a gift I would have otherwise forgotten.

A gift of trust, uncertainty, anticipation, hope.

All of this in a single frame…

I realized this is what my clients feel when they hire me.

The trust they put in me makes me so determined to do the best job possible,

to keep striving to become a better photographer with every photo I take.

Thank you lovebirds.

01_18_05_klk photography_orange county film photographer02_18_05_klk photography_orange county film photographer
04_05_klk photography_film photographer03_06_18_05_klk photography_wedding film photographer06_18_05_klk photography_wedding film photographer08_klk photography_film photographer weddings12_06_18_05_klk photography_wedding film photographer11_southern california film wedding photographer_klkphotography07_08_klk photography_film photographer weddings09_southern california film wedding photographer_klkphotography182_southern california film wedding photographer_klkphotography10_film wedding photographer california_klk photography14_film wedding photographer california_klk photography13_05_klk photography_film photographer17_film wedding photographer california_klk photography18_05_klk photography_orange county film photographer16_southern california film wedding photographer_klkphotography19_film wedding photographer california_klk photography15_film wedding photographer california_klk photography“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham 
20_film wedding photographer california_klk photography

Allie & Dan’s wedding is at Pelican Hill, can’t wait to work with some of my favorite team members –

including the ladies of A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production!

See some previews of the big day on our INSTAGRAM!

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