Tayley & Cameron’s California Destination Wedding: Teasers!

Tayley & Cameron’s California Destination Wedding: Teasers!

Here are a few teasers from Tayley and Cameron’s destination wedding that took place here, in California! Their wedding was held at the Waterfront Hilton in their favorite vacation spot, Huntington Beach!  

ABOVE: Tayley & Cameron’s time alone, these two are so adorable…

As I recently went through the wedding process myself, I am now making it a point to tell all my brides that people don’t lie when they say the day goes by SO fast! I recommend to all couples to take 15 minutes, even FIVE minutes, away from the guests & the commotion, to share some time with one another, it may be the only time you get alone during the “timeline” of the day. Stop to reflect on everything around you & how you’ve just committed your entire lives to one another! It can be so intimate and it will most likely be one of your favorite moments of the entire day. Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful Kristi!! And beautiful Tayley and Cameron 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for the piece of advice. I will keep in mind to do that on my wedding day.

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