Alana & Amit: St. Regis Wedding Day Teaser!

Alana & Amit: St. Regis Wedding Day Teaser!

Two posts in one day!? That’s right! Let’s just say, I have a LOT of catching up to do…here we go!

Some people like to describe my photography as “whimsical”, well, I have to describe this MOMENT as just that. This vision was one highlight that Alana has been looking forward to since the first day she started discussing her wedding flowers with the amazing Jen K. She said it was one of the most relaxing & magical moments of her wedding day! I love when my beautiful brides get creative!

{St. Regis – Monarch Beach KLK Photography}

There are 2 comments
  1. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous site! It’s perfect!

  2. danielle

    that is a GREAT shot. simply GREAT!

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