What Makes a Good Wedding Photographer?

What Makes a Good Wedding Photographer?

What Makes a Good Wedding Photographer?


Hiring professionals to handle one of the most important days of your life is no easy task. There’s a great deal of fear that it won’t be everything you want it to be. You need a photographer who will do the job right, and blow past your expectations. Who could blame you? You’ve spent a lot of time planning, and a lot of funding to get to this day. Memorializing it in a picture is no simple task, so you need to make sure it’s done right.

Focus on Lighting

Any wedding photographer will tell you that lighting accounts for 90% of the decision process when they snap a picture. If it doesn’t appear well-lit, they’re going to pass on taking the photograph, unless it’s a key moment that can’t be repeated. Most photographers prefer to use natural lighting during a wedding, especially if the ceremony is to be held outdoors.

Mood Is Key

Wedding photographers, like professionals in any field involving extensive small moving parts, have a language of their own. When you ask the intricacy about their camera, they may get carried away, and you won’t know exactly what they meant. One thing that few understand, but everyone enjoys, are the different moods portrayed through certain lenses. The mood can also be set by certain lighting or posing. Your photographer knows how to use them best, but it never hurts to ask for a demonstration and see the difference just before the actual shoot. Discover what mood is best for your specific style.

It’s Not a Teaching Moment

You hire a professional to handle certain aspects of your wedding because they know how to do it best. The planner knows the ins and outs of the business, while the chef cooks better than anyone else. On a very stressful day, the last thing you need is a professional trying to show you their angle—with a photographer, you need to know that they take excellent photographs, and let them do their thing. True professionals handle what you hired them for, and put their experience and knowledge to work for them rather than wasting time trying to convey their profession onto others. They’re there to get the job done and it is definitely to your benefit to fully trust the pros.

Knowing When To Snap That Picture

Some of the best photographs from any event are candid. Timing is everything, especially at the most important day of your life. A quality photographer is going to continue looking for another great photographic moment, scanning through the ceremony, the reception, and every moment in between that could yield another amazing photographic opportunity.

There’s a Story To Tell

When all is said and done, you’re hiring a storyteller to capture the pivotal moments of your day. It’s a crucial process. It’s not a scenario that you can retake like a movie set, so it’s important to find someone with a thorough portfolio and experience, with stunning photography to prove it. When you hang theses photographs on your mantle, you want to look back and breathe a sigh of relief—everything went off without a hitch, and you have the perfect moment captured on film to showcase that.

If you are looking for an Orange County wedding photographer to capture the one-in-a-lifetime moments of your wedding day, reach out to KLK Photography today to schedule a consultation.

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